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transporter room

transporting allows personel to beam into enviroments that would be inaccessible to shutlecraft or would take too long to reach.

The transporter rooms of any Starfleet vessel are similar in many ways to the arrival and departure lounge of a spacedock. It is these areas that personel or small items of cargo may be sent away or brought aboard, and they are thus the first places on the ship that most visiting dignitaries will encounter, making it important that they are kept presentable at all times.

When personel arrive, they are welcomed aboard ship as befits their rank and station. Friendly visitiors are welcomed as is if into a private home; dignitaries will be recieved with the appropriate protocols. Perceived enemies may be welcomed with drawn phasers and even a wall of security guards preventing them from reaching other, more sensitive areas of the ship.

On the U.S.S. Enterprise, each transporter room is of a classic design, containing a control console that faces towards a round transporting stage. The stage is three steps above the level of the main transporter room so that there is no danger of accidentally transporting a person or object in the vicinity of the platform.

The back of the transporter stage consists of six panels of white material that displays an interface pattern. The wall to the right of the console displays a large star chart in some trasporter rooms, a painting in others. On the transporter stage itself are six equally-shaped round transporter plates; over each one is a small drum which radiates red light onto the plate beneath. Each plate is capable of carrying a person or a small piece of cargo, and the plate may be used individually or all at once. During emergencies, more than one person may stand on a single plate.

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