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u.s.s. enterprise


deck 6


main transporter room

the main transporter room

the main transporter room is always ready for action

The Main Transporter room of a Galaxy class starship is an important thoroughfare - the point which away teams are dispatched to important missions, and the first area of the ship usually seen by visiting dignitaries

There are four virtually identical transporter rooms located around the core of the Enterprise-D on deck 6; each one forms a mirror image of its adjacent room, and each contains a six person transporter pad. In most situations, fewer than six individuals will be transported on or off the ship simultaneously; this makes one of the four transported rooms far busier than the others. This is the room located closer to the front of the ship, to the left of the central core. It is designated the Main Transporter Room.

Access Point

The Main Transporter Room is kept at the ready to transport passengers and crew on or off the ship. Away teams can be beamed from the ship into important situations instantaneously, while passengers and guests arriving aboard Enterprise can go from the transporter room directly to the turbolift which will then deliver them to their required destination aywhere on the ship. A turbolift stop is located in the corridor directly outside each transporter room; the main transporter room is connected directly to the main bridge and other major areas of the ship

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