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Ships Named Enterprise

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the h.m.s. enterprize

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the aircraft carrier enterprise

Throughout the history of Starfleet, only seven ships have had the honour to bear the name 'Enterprise'. The legacy of the Enterprise spans over 200 years and it is without a doubt it's interaction with countless races has had a profound affect on the galaxy.

Starting with the Enterprise NX-01 - the first ship of its class and the first human-built starship to achieve Warp 5. Launched in 2151 it ventured out to regions of space where no man had gone before. During it's mission it encountered hundreds of new species and races such as Romulan, Ferengi and Xindi.

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u.s. space shuttle "enterprise"

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enterprise nx-01

U.S.S. Enterprise NCC 1701 was perhaps the most famous spacecraft in the history of space exploration, a constitution-class vessel launched in 2245 from the San Francisco Yards orbiting Earth. The ship achieved legendary status during the five-year mission commanded by Captain James T. Kirk from 2264 to 2269.

The most recent starship to bear the name Enterprise was the Sovereign-class Enterprise-E. Most notabaly, this ship took part in the battle against the Borg attack of Sector 001 in 2373 and successfully prevented them from altering history.

Enterprise NX-01
USS Enterprise NCC 1701
USS Enterprise NCC 1701-A
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