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This is an simple episode guide I built, mainly due to several requests. It supposed to be used as a simple reference but you do have the option to to download it so it can be customised to your liking or just kept on your hard drive.

You may notice the guide take a second or two longer loading the page than normal - this is because all the info on that particular show is being loaded. It's a good idea to let the page load fully before clicking on the season tabs - If you download the guide it should run much faster

Launch Download File Size: 10.3MB

Once you download it, it's pretty straightforward - but just in case, here are some patronising instructions:

  • 1) Double-Click "Launch the Episode Guide.html" file
  • 2) This will open up in your default browser.
  • 3) Navigate through the different seasons via the tabs.

The ratings given are just my personal opinions. You can alter then quite easily if you know some html. Simply open the "episodeguidefiles" folder and edit the relevant .html file in a text editor. Because all the information for each show is located in a single html file loading times for each page may take a second or two longer than expected

Feel free to check out the .css file to see how I built the pages or edit the styles to your liking - or just straight up steal the code!

If you decide to put this on your own website kindy leave the link to

Anyway, I hope you like it.

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