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starfleets most prestigious docks, the utopia planitia yards, are positioned in geosynchronous orbit of the planet mars and operate in conjunction with facilities on the surface of earths nearest neighbour

Welcome to Utopia Planitia Yards. My very own contribution to the countless number of Star Trek fan sites out there. You are maybe asking yourself why the on earth some guy has bothered to make yet another starship dedicated website that you have seen a hundred times before - well I might as well tell you.
The idea for this site came about when I was browsing several other Trek related sites with detailed schematics and blueprints. Many of them were packed full of great information but their overall designs were (to be blunt) a little bland. Secondly, I noticed many of these sites didn't include much of the great information about starships that was included in the publication "The Star Trek Fact Files". It got me thinking - why not build a site that combined all this great information on hand with a design that I'd not seen before. And thus the groovy hybrid that is Utopia Planitia Yards was born.

What I'm particularly proud of is the navigation/information system on all the pages. As you will see, each page displays a large image of that particular section (main bridge, master system display, etc) and on top of this picture I have placed several red squares with additional information and images that can be viewed by simply hovering over them. In addition, some of these squares actually act as links that you can click and "navigate" your way through the different decks of a starship - now is that cool or is that cool?
I've talked long enough - I hope you enjoy the site. Check out the FAQs for further ramblings or feel free to E-mail me with any comments, suggestions, praise or abuse.

what is utopia planitia yards?

The Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards in orbit of mars are among Starfleet's most well established starship construction facilities. These famous shipyards are responsible for building a number of illustrious vessels.

It has been recognized since the latter half of the 20th century that the best place to construct starships is the void of space. Free from the burden of gravity, previously unthinkable manufacturing techniques become commonplace. When starfleet first formed the United Federation of Planets, the design and construction of warp capable spacecraft becomes a priority.

life on mars

Utopia Planitia, a huge range on the surface of mars, is found to be the ideal location, and a number of planetary sites are developed along with an expansive orbital facility located in geosynchronous orbit directly above. Such refit facilities as Earth Station McKinley undoubtedly have an important role to play in the maintenance and repair of Starfleet vessels, but few share the Utopia Planitia Fleetyards fundamental connection with every important contemporary classification of a starship from the last two decades.

Utopia Planitia Yards Pic

Many of starfleets finest starships have been constructed at utopia planitia yards, such as the uss enterprise d and the uss voyager

The Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards have seen many design, testing and construction of many significant vessels, although all aspects of production are basically the same for any new ship. Construction usually takes place within a huge network of manufacturing and assembly platforms, which orbit in a vast area around Mars and consists of a multi-functional skeletal armatures, arranged in such a way as to easily accommodate the shape of the new craft. Many repair facilities share a common design, such as Earth Station McKinley, whose jointed support arms can cover the major hard connect points on a starship and allow crews to work on many parts of the vessel at the same time.

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