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u.s.s. voyager


deck 10 & 11


main engineering

the warp core is one of the largest single components of the ship

Main engineering of the U.S.S. Voyager is located across decks 10 and 11 at 'wing level', the level at which the warp nacelles are attached to the ship by lifting their wings. Many other areas relating to engineering are also located on deck 11, including the main computing core and main navigational deflector.

Main Engineering is arguably the most important section of the ship; it supplies power to all ship's systems, including the warp engines. Pressure, heat and other engine variables are are constantly monitored by the computer and engineers on duty to make sure that the engines are working at optimum levels. Systems on the main power grid include communications, transporters, turbolifts, replicators and life support; all are monitored by, and regulated from the duty consoles in Main Engineering.

Picture of Voyager

belanna usually works from the freestanding console on the edge of the starboard recessed office

Main Engineering is a long narrow room with two levels; the ground floor level is located on deck 11, and the second level, on deck 10, is essentially a gallery to the high ceilinged ground floor section, running along all four sides of the room. The two levels are connected by small internal lifts. The dominating feature of the room, however, is the warp core - a slim translucent cylinder that extends the height of the ship. Running vertically through Main Engineering to one end of the narrow room, it is surrounded on both levels by a thin handrail, onto which instruments, controls and displays are attached. At the floor level between deck 10 and 11, the warp core cylinder is surrounded by a magnetic restrictor coil. for saftey reasons there are two warp cores aboard the intrepid class starship, the reserve warp core is forward of the main warp core, and extends from deck 10 to the bottom of the ship.

The ground floor level comprises an open space flanked by self contained work stations and consoles. Unlike Main Engineering on many other Starfleet vessels, such as those of the Galaxy class, the central area of this room is left open and does not contain free standing tables or desk consoles. This provides greater flexibility in the use of the space and allows for work benches to be set up for special projects when required.

Directly in front of the warp core on both sides of the lower level is a small office area slightly recessed from the rest of the room. Each of these areas includes three self contained, seated consoles. Two face the wall, with the display screens at desk level and on the walls behind; the third is a freestanding console facing towards outward into the main area, giving a clear view of the warp core.

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